Bullish on magazines

“The other day, I counted up the magazines we don’t get any more,” writes John Reinan. “I got up to 40 without even trying very hard. We’re down to about eight or 10 that actually arrive regularly in our mailbox. Despite that, I’m reasonably bullish on the future of magazines.”
Some of his reasons why:
* They don’t demand to be consumed immediately and in total.
* They add character to a coffee table.
* You can pick them up and put them down several times.
When I was in my 20s, I subscribed to about 20 magazines. Being a total journalism nerd, I displayed them on shelves that I put up in my tiny studio apartment. “This looks like a dentist’s office,” one friend said upon entering the apartment for the first time. Now I don’t subscribe to a single print magazine (or newspaper); all my reading is done on the iPad. (Thanks, Wired, for the weekend delivery of your latest issue.) It’s the same with TV viewing: I once had three flat-screens on my condo walls. I recently sold them all, and now watch all my shows on the Hulu Plus, Amazon and network iPad apps. They do the job.

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