‘Journalists are amazingly similar to nonjournalists’

Here’s what Eugene, OR Register-Guard columnist Bob Welch has discovered about journalists in his nearly 40 years in the business:

Some you’d want next to you in a foxhole, others you wouldn’t want to share a hotel room with at a journalism conference. (“I’m going prowling,” a guy from The Bulletin in Bend told me when we’d arrived for such a conference. “If you’re smart, you won’t be here when I get back — if you know what I mean.”)

Journalists are a lot like politicians, pastors, doctors, teachers and people in every other profession — fabulous and flawed.

* Sorrow of a life laid bare



  1. Dan said:

    You’re reliably dismissive of the work of others, Bob (not to mention rude to a lot of people on the site.) Can you point to some of the greatness you have created? I assume there must be some.

  2. Dan Mitchell said:

    Dan Mitchell. I usually post through Facebook, and I’m not trying to hide. You can google my info quite easily. Now, let’s see some of this greatness you have achieved, which enables you to constantly negatively criticize the work of others and to hassle people in the comments here.

  3. Dan Mitchell said:

    …and by the way, you do realize you’re posting under “rknil,” right? The only reason I know what that means is that your bad reputation precedes you.

    Also by the way, my request for evidence of your awesome superiority was rhetorical, based on the stuff you constantly post here — angrily berating people, almost exclusively. I don’t expect you to actually do it – though of course, if you can, that might help your case somewhat. And if you can’t, well, same as it ever was.

  4. Dan Mitchell said:

    Yes. A journalist named Dan Mitchell is really, really hard to find information about. That whole Google thing can be really tricky. So here you go: http://www.facebook.com/danmitchell/info. But please don’t friend request me. I try to keep my Facebook free of Internet-commenter types. If you need any more help, just let me know.

    My no-doubt-fruitless aim here was to try to get you to maybe pull back on the reins a bit in here. I know it’s a hobby of yours to do this, but still.

  5. Dan Mitchell said:

    Again, Bob, my point is that if you’re going to spend all your time on journalism message boards hassling journalists and telling them all why they suck, and what they should be doing in order to not suck, you should at least have some juice of your own. If you don’t, you don’t. Got it.

    You got away with this stuff for a while on each of the several more local message boards that eventually booted you. I think it’s even less likely to fly here.

  6. Jake said:

    Eugene and Portland are two different cities with two different papers, rknil.

    Such inattention to detail is why your whinging fails to gain traction.