NYT paywall sends reader up the wall?

How some of my Twitter followers reacted to the news that a man tried to climb the New York Times building Saturday morning and, according to the New York Post, told police he just wanted a newspaper:

- “There’s an app for that. RT @romenesko Man who tried to climb NYT building says he was looking for a copy of the newspaper.” (MsAlexMM)
- “Paywall’s working” (@GeorgeDearing)
- “This is what a paywall does to people!” (@JArthur47)
- “Glimpse of life w/o print?” (@OBethPhoto)
- “Print may be crazy, but it ain’t dead.” (@LibbyBittain)
- “First case of a paywall sending someone up the wall?” (@BCaulfield)
- “Who says newspapers are dying?” (@Dave Zeitlin)
- “Easier to scale a building than clear a paywall?” (@HannaRaskin)
- “Wonder what article he was after…” (@BessieSchenk)
- “Finally someone not reading a paper online!” (@JoeyMason)