Freaking great headline

“What are the odds?”

That was the subject line in an email that New York Post chief copy editor Barry Gross received today from The Daily copy chief Jon Blackwell.

Gross tells Romenesko readers that he had no idea that The Daily also used “This Is Your Captain Freaking” until fairly late in the day. (He doesn’t subscribe to iPad publication and doesn’t even own a tablet.)

How did the Post come up with its headline?

“We were just throwing ideas around,” says Gross. One staffer came up with “This Is Your Captain Screeching,” and then “Freakin’ Flyer” was tossed out — again. (That headline was used in 2010 for the Steven Slater story.)

Deborah Pines then suggested the “Freaking” headline that ended up being used.

“It really was a total team effort,” says the chief copy editor. “It’s hard to give credit to one person.”

(Thanks to Capital New York for the image assist.)



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