Huffington Post reacts to judge’s ruling

The Huffington Post has reacted to a judge’s ruling against unpaid bloggers who sued Arianna & Co. Here’s the statement that HuffPo sent to media reporters:

“This judgment removes any question about the merits of this case and we look forward to continuing the mutually beneficial relationship we share with our growing roster of interesting, dedicated and engaging bloggers.”

Excerpts from U.S. District Judge John Koeltl’s opinion: “No one forced the plaintiffs to give their work to The Huffington Post for publication and the plaintiffs candidly admit that they did not expect compensation.” “The principles of equity and good conscience do not justify giving the plaintiffs a piece of the purchase price when they never expected to be paid, repeatedly agreed to the same bargain, and went into the arrangement with eyes wide open.”

Rhoades Alderson
Director, Communications
Huffington Post Media Group



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  1. Bill Hogan said:

    As ever, just because something is legal doesn’t make it right.