Fired Houston Chronicle society writer #1 weighs in on Tressler case

Can the Houston Chronicle find a society writer who doesn’t moonlight as a sex worker and publish a sex blog on the side?

It hasn’t had much luck with that in recent years.

We all know about Sarah Tressler, the stripper who was outed by the Houston Press and then fired by the Chronicle for not disclosing her side job. But there hasn’t been a lot said about former society writer Douglas Britt, who was also fired by the Hearst-owned paper in late 2011, after editors learned about his Devon the Escort’s Diary blog and his crystal meth addiction.

After Tressler’s side job was exposed on March 26, Britt — he now goes by Devon Britt-Darby — wrote on his blog that “I guess now’s as good a time to emerge from relative seclusion and say that things are going well — better than I’d hoped, in fact” in his post-Chronicle days.

As for the Tressler matter, he wrote that “the way the story’s playing presents her with a golden opportunity …[and] ‘shut up on the web’ would be precisely the wrong life lesson to draw from this. A better one: Grow up, everybody. Talk about the sanctity of journalism is cheap coming from an outlet that rarely commits it.”

* Scolding the stripper