BU paper’s editor resigns over April Fools’ edition

“DISNEY FREE PRESS” April Fools’ CONTROVERSY FOLLOWUP: The board of directors at Boston University’s Daily Free Press says it asked Chelsea Diana to resign as editor-in-chief because of the “incredibly harmful, tasteless” April Fools’ issue, and she did. Steph Solis, who had been selected to be Fall 2012 editor-in-chief, takes over immediately. The board notes:

Considering the events of this semester and the increasingly vocal, constructive climate of conversation about sexual assault and many other important issues on campus, much of the content of Monday’s issue was incredibly harmful, tasteless and out of line.

* “We cannot apologize sincerely enough,” says board of directors
* Boston University Student Union “disappointed” in Daily Free Press
* Departing editor apologizes “for my horrible and incredibly offensive attempt at satirical humor”
* One story has Alice in Wonderland taking LSD supplied by fraternity brothers



  1. Dave Barnes said:

    Did Johnathan Swift apologize?
    I doubt it.

  2. John P. McCartney said:

    Please post the April 1, 2012 issue of the Boston University newspaper that led to the editor’s resignation.

  3. Jim said:

    John — the “Disney Daily News” was a print-only issue.