Reporter tweets name of woman in Best Buy affair

MinnPost’s David Brauer reports that Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter Thomas Lee tweeted the name of the female Best Buy employee who was allegedly involved with married former Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn. Lee’s two tweets stayed online for at least an hour before they were deleted, according to Brauer, who retweeted — then deleted — the Strib reporter’s messages. Brauer writes:

Twitter allows people to send each other private, direct messages, or DMs, but Lee’s were public. That put the woman’s name out in the wild, where competitors and curious citizens – including the one who tipped me off – could read what the newspaper was not confident enough to print in its Thursday front-page follow-up.

“I have nothing to say about that matter,” Lee said when I called Friday morning.

* Did a Star Tribune reporter tweet the woman’s name in ex-CEO investigation?



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