WaPo’s Elizabeth Flock resigns

UPDATE: A Washington Post spokesperson says the paper doesn’t comment on personnel matters, but sources there confirm that Elizabeth Flock has resigned. (DC Porcupine: “More than a case of a missing hat tip.”)


Back in December, Washington Post ombudsman Patrick Pexton pointed out that “the Post used uncharacteristically strong language in correcting an error-filled blog post [by Elizabeth Flock] published Tuesday, which mistakenly reported that Mitt Romney was using in speeches the phrase “Keep America American,” which was once used by the Ku Klux Klan.”

Flock had another editor’s note attached to one of her posts on Friday the 13th. I’ve left messages for the Post’s spokeswoman and ombudsman to confirm a report about Flock’s employment status.



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  1. wubbly said:

    Ha! I’m surprised WaPo didn’t promote her!