Meet the people who didn’t know the Titanic disaster was a real historic event

(Credit: @Tweeting_Keith)

From “The 404” podcast host Jeff Bakalar’s rant last Wednesday:

If you’ve tweeted that you didn’t know the Titanic was a real disaster, well you should be kicked off Twitter. It’s almost trendy to be an idiot: I’m so adorkable! …I guess James Cameron neglected to put ‘Based on a true story’ in the beginning of the credits. Holy God, I’m sorry, they shouldn’t kicked off Twitter — they should just be put in jail. Let’s just put them in jail before they grow up to commit crimes, because no one that stupid will be able to get through life just on honor.

How some of the people who tweeted their ignorance about the Titanic reacted to the above graphic going viral last week:

@charlibobsss (“I fancy Zac Efron so so much”) writes in three tweets: “For everyone saying what an idiot I am I’d like to ‘educate’ you all in saying I learnt of the titanic from watching a documentary of it, therefore I am not ‘ignorant’ in any way, shape or form :-) at the age of 16 it’s not essential to know history like that, I’ve never seen the films either so it really isn’t too much of a problem yep.”

@lizamagang tweeted: “Got in the tosh.O blog for my titanic tweet. #embarrassing.”

@iSophloveBieber tweeted: “Im glad im not the only who was shocked about the Titanic being real. Articles getting written and everything. omg.”

@Jess_McBride (“I work in an ice cream parlour”) tells one of her critics that “just because i didnt know that doesnt mean im thick.” She later tweeted: “Just realised ive been walking around with a pen between my boobs for the last hour.”

It appears that the others simply closed their accounts in shame.

* John Robinson: They didn’t know the Titanic was a real event? So what?



  1. Will said:

    Is it possible people on Twitter were being sarcastic? No, it’s unpossible!

    In all seriousness, most Americans I talk to cannot locate Vietnam on a map, despite a war that had far greater social, political and economic consequences than a boat that sank a century ago.

  2. Sean said:

    But they know Vietnam was a war, at least, and not just a movie.

  3. Ila said:

    when they didn’t get on the boat. Noah’s boat that is.

  4. Pascal said:

    Technically Vietnam wasn’t a war, it was a conflict.

  5. Cecilia said:

    What do these kids do in school?? Honestly? They are probably the kids that according to a survey,think that Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife!! Seriously, have you no future plans that you seem so content to go through life knowing absolutely nothing about the world you live in??

  6. Will said:


    In that case, America hasn’t been in a war since World War II. That’s small consolation to the families of those who died in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lebanon, Grenada, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

    If you’re bored, ask some of the people in your newsroom to name three countries that border Vietnam.

  7. Austen said:

    I’m very grateful for the follow up on the @Jess_McBride tweets. Thank you. (Seriously).

  8. Pascal said:

    Your comment is a complete non-sequitur. I was speaking semantics in response to Sean’s statement that “…they know Vietnam was a war…”, when it was actually a Presidential Police Action, and you’re right, we haven’t been at war since WWII.

    No one talked about consoling any of the families and, in fact, this is a Titanic article. Shutupayomoutha, you soundasostupid!

  9. Interesting that people tried to make this political. Nothing political about it. Just proof that there are idiots among us. Attention young people, watch what you tweet. Its virtually impossible to take it back. Read a book, pay attention in history class. Don’t be an idiot.

  10. Jay said:

    Back in 2003 with the anniversary of JFK’s assassination coming up I read a report that some 80 percent of Americans couldn’t remember where they had heard that news — because they hadn’t been born yet.
    That really struck me because here I was editing copy believing most readers had the same basic experience, when in fact less than two in 10 did. It made me much more careful in the assumptions I made.

  11. Mark Frankel said:

    I want to be there when the people who didn’t know the Titanic was a historic event meet the people who believe the Neil Armstrong’s moon landing was government hoax. That will be the true Moronic Convergence.