A tough Monday for the Washington Post

“Triple whammy,” a reader says of the Washington Post’s bad-news Monday.

1. Elizabeth Flock
2. Skunked on Pulitzer day
3. Buyout deadline

Regarding #1: WaPo ombud Patrick Pexton says in an email: “There’s a broader story here, which I will address either in my blog, or in my Sunday column.” (There’s nothing about Flock’s resignation on his blog yet, but I’ll watch for it.)

Regarding #2: A reader says the Post staff knew early yesterday morning that they didn’t win anything because a P.A. system that was put up over the weekend was taken down before noon. True?

Regarding #3: Fredrick Kunkel of the Post Guild wrote to colleagues yesterday morning:

I probably don’t have to mention that today is the deadline to decide whether to accept the Post’s most recent buyout offer. Some of you have reported receiving telephone calls from editors late last week to hint hint that you should go. If you feel pressured to leave — or even if you don’t, but you still have questions — please feel free to get in touch with a Guild rep to talk things over. You must submit the paperwork to Human Resources by 5 p.m. today. Keep in mind that you also have seven days after accepting the buyout offer to change your mind and withdraw.