Judith Miller blasts AP’s Pulitzer

Judith Miller

Judith Miller joins the New York Post in criticizing Pulitzer jurors for giving the investigative journalism prize to the Associated Press. She says the AP’s series on the New York Police Department’s surveillance of Muslims is “manufactured news that played to left-wing stereotypes about police and law enforcement excesses.” She continues:

The subtext was that the NYPD’s monitoring was illegal, unconstitutional, and unnecessary—an infringement on Muslims’ civil rights and an outrageous example of religious and ethnic profiling.

But the series itself failed to document such illegality or over-the-top conduct. Moreover, the department’s assertions that its surveillance efforts were legal and its explanations about how the program worked were invariably given short shrift, buried in the AP’s flurries of unsupported allegations.

I asked AP spokesman Paul Colford if he wanted to respond. He sent this email:

This is a great week for AP and our four journalists who won a Pulitzer for Investigative Reporting. We’re all proud of them and their editors for bringing such important findings to the surface. And I encourage all who read comments about our NYPD series, whether critical or complimentary, to review the stories at www.ap.org/nypd.

Meanwhile, sports journalist Ed Sherman points out “it was the same old story this week for the press box gang. Another year of being bypassed by the Pulitzers.”

George Dohrmann of St. Paul Pioneer Press was the last individual sportwriter winner in 2000 …[and] it’s been 22 years since a sport columnist has claimed a Pulitzer.

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  1. eye roll said:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again —

    Judith Miller criticizing your journalism is like Bernie Madoff saying your investment strategy looks sketchy.

  2. Bill Toscano said:

    When one of the Pulitzers is for a sports story — maybe the biggest in decades — Ed Sherman really has no point.

    There’s a story a sport writer *could* have broken.

  3. Dan Mitchell said:

    Before he WMD coverage, Miller was widely respected, and there were no indications, as least in public, that she might have been a cheap, politically driven hack. Even during and after the WMD stuff, she tried to maintain the fairminded-journalist schtick for a while. Lots of people assumed she was simply duped, an not a water-carrier. Now she’s Ann Coulter. Unashamedly. Did she actually change, or is she only now revealing her true self?

  4. djx said:

    True self I think.