College paper kicked out of newsroom, Campus Ministry moves in

The University of Portland has told the Beacon staff to pack up and move to the yearbook office, which is about one-third the size of the student paper’s newsroom, so that Campus Ministry staffers can set up shop.

The Beacon, which has been in its space for 30 years, blasted the move in an editorial:

Though Campus Ministry plays an important role on campus, what they are doing is wrong.

This forced move will greatly affect the ability of student media to do its job. It also shows a lack of respect for students. We are not just an extracurricular activity. We provide a necessary and integral service to the University: We are the voice of students. Anything that hurts the ability of student media to be a student voice also hurts the entire student population.

The newspaper’s opinion editor, senior Caitlin Yilek, tells Oregonian columnist Steve Duin: “To have the administration give you the middle finger is a frustrating way to leave the university.”

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