Chicago Tribune outsources hyperlocal news

The Chicago Tribune has invested in Chicago-based media content provider Journatic, and will use that outfit rather than TribLocal for its hyperlocal news reporting. Most of the 40 TribLocal staffers will lose their jobs. (UPDATE: “The number you have is a little off,” says a Tribune spokesman. “At the end of the day, about half of the people covering hyperlocal news will lose their jobs (20 or so), and not all of them are reporters—some reporters are actually being re-assigned at Chicago Tribune.”) “We’ve made an investment in this company because we believe that it is a more effective way of providing hyperlocal news, and we think we can do more of it in this way,” says Tribune Editor Gerould Kern. || Meanwhile, there are reports that the Tribune-owned Hartford Courant is offering buyouts today. If you have a memo or information to pass along, please email me at

* Chicago Tribune replaces TribLocal with Journatic content
* Blogger hears of new buyouts at the Hartford Courant

At least Chicago Tribune editor Gerry Kern has some good news:

UPDATE: A Romenesko reader writes:

I have seen Journatic advertising jobs at barely-above minimum wage without benefits occasionally since the fall. The only good side is you can work from home. The first time I saw a Journatic ad at I noted their address was the same as Trib Tower, but I couldn’t find anything else tying Tribune and Journatic together. Now it’s confirmed. It’s very interesting the name ‘Journatic’ has been scrubbed from their postings. wish I had the frame grab of the original job postings.

* Here’s a cached version of Journatic’s ad on