Morning report

* “CNN seems committed to a business model that doesn’t work.” (New York Times)
* Toronto mayor calls police on Toronto Star reporter for taking pictures. (Globe and Mail)
* News orgs push back after Romney camp decides to exclude BuzzFeed from rotating press pool. (Huffington Post)
* Romney holds off-the-record meeting with conservative media. (Huffington Post)
* Gannett shareholder: Forget the big dividends and put money back into the company. (Gannett Blog)
* “Ebertfest, now 14 years old, is a love-in.” (Capital New York)
* An important stop for Republicans in the Big Apple: the offices of Fox News chief Roger Ailes. (Politico)
* “Fox Mole” Joe Muto shops his book, tentatively titled “An Atheist in the Foxhole.” (New York Observer)