Wendy Ruderman: Philly Daily News is ‘rudderless’

Wendy Ruderman

Wendy Ruderman, who won the 2010 investigative reporting Pulitzer for exposing a rogue police narcotics squad, is leaving the Philadelphia Daily News to join the New York Times as police bureau chief. She tells Gail Shister that the Daily News is “rudderless” and that the journalists there should be looking for new jobs. “If they’re not, it’s kind of stupid,” she adds.

Morale couldn’t get any worse. Nobody tells us anything. We’ve been through this before, but for the first time, it feels real. It’s scary.

Former Daily News colleague Dave Davies says of Ruderman:

She works around the clock. She has a sixth sense for discerning hidden motivations. She’s a great interviewer who understands how to use confidential sources and mine public records. And she is completely, utterly relentless.

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