Letter: Enough with the ‘delirious, mixed pickles writing’

Letter to Romenesko

From LARRY KART: Maybe it’s just the me that once was a copy editor, but this lede on Pete Thamel’s story in Tuesday’s NY Times struck me as pumped up with fake metaphorical energy to the point of near incoherence:

When Big East Commissioner John Marinatto resigned Monday, the battered league was left at another crossroads. It could either crumble or find itself a billion-dollar television deal in September.

The Big East, scheduled to have 13 Football Bowl Subdivision programs and 18 basketball universities, now has a gypsy’s soul, with Kardashian commitment issues and a future so unstable that its pool of candidates will not be filled with polished clones like Pacific-12 Commissioner Larry Scott.

The league has been “battered” and “left at a crossroads” where it might “crumble”? It has a “a gypsy’s soul, with Kardashian commitment issues”? And it has a “pool of candidates” for what? (Yes, to take the resigned commissioner’s place, but as written “its pool of candidates” is a second reference without a first one.) And who or what is Pacific-12 Commissioner Larry Scott a polished clone of?

Am I the only one who suspects that such delirious, mixed pickles writing is what the editors at the Times sports section have come to desire. If so, they should stop it!

(I’ve invited Thamel to comment.)