Roger Ailes tells Ohio University audience: I don’t have a journalism degree – and that’s good

What Fox News chief Roger Ailes said at Ohio University on Monday, according to tweets from journalist and media lawyer Jonathan W. Peters:

One thing that qualifies me to run a journalism organization is the fact that I don’t have a journalism degree.

I don’t know if Pres Obama was smart in school. Haven’t seen his transcripts. (Question) No, Fox is not trying to get his transcripts.

Media Matters writes all of the primetime programming for MSNBC. All of it. That’s what a recently published book says.

The first thing I’d change about America would be requiring Congresspeople to follow the same laws we do. They get lots of freebies.

The Internet is an interesting thing, and it will keep rolling out, and eventually convergence will come. I’m watching it.

Jon Stewart is a comedian. He wouldn’t do well without Fox. And he basically has admitted to me, in a bar, that he’s a socialist.

One thing about liberals is they believe they’re always right. Fox tries to fill a different niche: providing alternative viewpoints.

I’ve killed one story, when Dean was running for president. His kid got arrested, and I said we shouldn’t run it. There was no point.

MSNBC is out of the news business. Brian Williams, a sincere newsman, wouldn’t want to be caught dead over there.

I would love for the AP to go back to being a neutral news source. But it slants stories, slants headlines. It tips to the left.

The New York Times is a cesspool of bias.

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The security apparatus around me is nothing like the one described in Rolling Stone, Esquire. But I do get threats, most contrived.

Many years ago, I was offered a lot of money to stop doing what I was doing – to stop being effective in politics. I turned it down.

The guy who wrote the Esquire article about me a few years ago was a bit of a whack job. [That was Tom Junod.]

I’m not sure what my ideology is today. I guess I’m more conservative, because on individual issues I have more conservative views.

Any newsroom that doesn’t have diversity of thought is in danger of failing.

The only difference between Fox talk shows and those on CNN or MSNBC is that Fox invites liberal voices to engage in dialogue.

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