Ohio University keeps recording of Ailes’ talk off its website

The Ohio University student newspaper reports that Fox News feared that people would record Roger Ailes’ campus talk this week and post out-of-context clips on websites. But “we couldn’t have stopped people from taking video,” notes event coordinator Robert Ingram. “It’s a public space.”

Ailes at Ohio U. (Credit: Jason Chow)

Ingram, however, abided by Fox News’ request not to video record the discussion. Typically, event organizers put videos of the George Washington Forum discussions on the university’s website.

During the discussion, Ailes mentioned that he personally did not mind if someone recorded the forum.

The Post reports that the Fox News chief — a 1962 Ohio U. grad — is the second George Washington Forum lecturer to request no recording. The first was a history professor who was going to give the same talk a few weeks later at another school.

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