Daily Archives: June 1, 2012

For more than a year, Gabriel Sherman has been hard at work on a book about Roger Ailes. He’s continued, though, to write stories about the Fox News chief for New York magazine, including one today about Ailes’ involvement in a community newspaper war. (Ailes and his wife own the Putnam County News and Recorder. A competing newspaper is launching today.)

Sherman writes in the last paragraph of today’s New York magazine post:

This week, I learned that my PCN&R subscription had been canceled. When I called the paper to ask about it, [editor Doug] Cunningham told me that because of my pending book on Roger Ailes and Fox News, “we don’t desire to have a relationship with you.”

Sherman tweeted this morning: “After the paper’s editor told me I wasn’t allowed to subscribe, my wife subscribed. But they canceled her subscription 90 minutes later.”

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