New York Times Magazine editor: I don’t think print will vanish

Hugo Lindgren (Photo: Neal Slavin)

A few of the things that New York Times Magazine editor Hugo Lindgren told Reddit visitors:

—-> “15-year-old Hugo Lindgren would be pretty astounded that he had grown up to be editor of the Times Magazine, though maybe a little bummed that I hadn’t turned out to be a rock star or a novelist. My parents were big readers of the Times, and of magazines generally, so it was something that was definitely part of our lives.”

—-> “I started at an architecture and design magazine called Metropolis. A really wonderful place to work as a young person, or even as an older person, but I really desperately wanted to work at a place with a broader readership, and I finally got a job at George Magazine, John Kennedy Jr’s political / pop magazine. Eventually I got here, and the appeal of the place for me is fairly straightforward: An incredible culture of talented journalists, a great tradition, a huge, serious audience, and, at the magazine in particular, a surprising amount of freedom to try new things.”

—-> “I don’t think print will vanish, it’s just a question of how it adapts. I remember Rolling Stone founder / editor Jann Wenner saying something at the ASME awards a few years ago about how print magazines are themselves a good technology, and though he was probably criticized as a Luddite for saying that, I think it’s true.”

—-> “For myself, I could never have survived as a freelancer, just the stress of it, and was more naturally suited to being on a staff. Being an editor is more stable, but being a writer is more exciting. It’s a question of how you can cope with ups and downs. One thing I will say — if you ever get offered a staff writing job with a regular pay check, take it. That’s the best of both worlds.”

—-> “I get the [New York] Times and [Wall Street] Journal in print at home, and try to read as much of those as I can before taking the kids to school. Read the FT and the NY Post at work, also WWD. And then I keep up with all day and Twitter and various blogs. I get dozens of magazines. Try to make it as far through the New Yorker and the Economist every week, though they do tend to stack up & then I have to fess up to my own ignorance and chuck out a big pile. And I read New York magazine, too.”

—-> “My favorite magazine is Mojo. And I read Sports Illustrated the moment it arrives, because I’ve done that ever since I was 8. Then the obvious others — NYer, Economist, New York, Bloomberg Businessweek, GQ, New Republic.”

—-> Regarding Warren Buffett’s recent newspaper purchase: “Well, I certainly don’t think it’s a bad thing. I guess what he sees is an over-reaction in the marketplace, as if we’re all flying into the digital future and leaving behind the world as we knew it. Which we kinda are. But not completely.”

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