[UPDATED] Watch what you say about Nickelback!

* You can spend $45 to go see Nickelback or…. (Boise Weekly)
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UPDATE: Josh Gross, who wrote the item, tells Romenesko readers: “Between emails, posts on my Facebook walls, and Twitter messages, there were well over 200 responses [to the snarky concert preview]. The most notable of them just got posted on the BW blog.

“My personal fave is the one that insinuates the author would have taken my lunch money in school.”

Here’s that unedited email:

Wow…you’re seriosly a douche. It’s easy to talk shit in an article huh? Sit back behind the pen? Nickelback gets more pussy in an hour than you will get in a lifetime. Unless your freakin Jimi Hendrix then who the heck are you to judge anyone’s talent? Psychologically speaking…I can say with confidence that you ARE the quintessential “loser” kid from high school who still hates the “popular” kids and blames them for all of your loser whoas as an adult. No wonder you ended up a “journaist”. Happens everytime. Your all the same. I would have taken your lunch money in school…everyday…just saying. Hey…great job being a “journalist”.

* The best responses to the Nickelback kerfuffle (Boise Weekly)