Proper credit, please, Marlo Thomas

Murray Waas and Christopher Rowland spent a couple of weeks working on Tuesday’s Boston Globe story about Mitt Romney’s administration blocking publication of a Massachusetts antibullying guide over objections to “bisexual” and “transgender” terms.

Marlo Thomas

“Our first link [on Tuesday morning] was from New York Magazine,” Waas writes in an email. “[It] contained a single link to our story — the link being all of a single word — the word being email. I doubt we got five readers through that one word link in the middle of a long rewrite.

“I sent the blogger a nice note thanking her for the link, actually complimenting her because it was an unsolicited link, but asking that she do something better than an obscure one word link in the middle of the story. She didn’t even bother to respond.” [I see, though, that there’s another link at the end of the post. — Romenesko]

Waas’ email continues:

“So here is the punch line; The lead blog of the Huffington Post is a long column by the actress Marlo Thomas about our story!”

However ….Thomas “highly praised” — Waas’s words — and linked to the New York Magazine post as if was an original piece in New York Magazine.

“Of course there is no way to email Marlo Thomas because… she is Marlo Thomas,” writes Waas.

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