Legion baseball official suspended for giving fabricated game results to newspaper

An American Legion district baseball president and team manager was suspended after he gave the Scranton Times-Tribune the box score of a game that was never played because one team didn’t have enough players. Using information it received from Jeff Kovaleski, the Times-Tribune reported in Sunday’s papers that Dickson City beat Moscow 1-0 and that pitcher Adam Sosnowski only allowed two hits.

“Justin King had two hits and drove in Sosnowski for the game’s only run in the third inning,” the paper reported.

Kovaleski says he gave the bogus results to the newspaper because he wanted to spare Moscow players the embarrassment of taking a forfeit. “I didn’t intend to hurt anybody, the newspaper or the league,” he tells the Scranton paper. “Being the president of the league, I did not want to embarrass anyone or hurt any kid’s feelings. I am very remorseful about doing it.”

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