[UPDATED] Report of ‘accidental’ ruling in AP intern Armando Montano’s death disputed

AP spokesman Paul Colford: “The Associated Press is in close contact with investigators in Mexico City, and they’re telling us the investigation into Armando Montaño’s death remains open.”

UPDATE: Westword hears from Armando Montano’s family that there has been no official declaration yet that the AP intern’s death was accidental. “The Cronica [newspaper] account is wrong, along with several details, including his clothing being caught in the elevator,” Diane Alters, Montaño’s mother, tells Westword. “His clothing did not get caught. The Cronica has caused lots of anguish and confusion for everybody.”
The Mexico attorney general’s office says its preliminary investigation has determined that AP intern Armando Montaño’s clothing got caught in elevator machinery in a building near his apartment, resulting in his death. The journalist’s mother said earlier this week that the AP internship was her son’s dream job.
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