The most obnoxious journalism job ad ever?

Many readers have alerted me to New Orleans CityBusiness’ ad on, which warns job-seekers that “we can smell desperation from a mile away (strangely, it’s reminiscent of bacon). So take the time and write an original cover letter if you want to be considered a candidate.”

After listing the seven points above, the CityBusiness editors ask: “Are you still reading? Good. Nice to know you have a decent attention span, Zippy.”

A journalist from New Orleans points out to Romenesko readers:

Toward the end of this spectacular display of douchery, it includes the following request:

“… send me your mind-blowing cover letter. If you don’t think it’s mind-blowing, at least make it sincere and original. If it’s lame, I might just post it here so that you are mocked and scorned. (Actually, I’m checking with the legal department to see if I can do it; look out if I get the green light)”

Hope you enjoy. It’s mind-blowing.

I’ve asked CityBusiness associate publisher Lisa Blossman and editor Greg LaRose about their ad. (UPDATE: LaRose says he has some work and dad duties to deal with this morning and will send an email this afternoon.)

* AD — Reporters: Don’t bother reading this if you have a cut-and-paste cover letter
* JournalismJobs founder: “You can still find a great job with a newspaper”