Nobody covers UFOs like Laguna Niguel Patch

A recent lead story on AOL’s Patch site in Laguna Niguel Patch wondered if a UFO was responsible for a “strange” message in the sky. (The piece also ran on Huffington Post’s Los Angeles page.) One commenter brought up Bible verses and wrote that “fortunately…or unfortunately (depending on where you put your faith) you are going to see an increase in these sightings as these times approach…as you already are.”

While most Patch sites are known for their Best Burger contests and “OMG PD” quirky crime reports, the Laguna Niguel Patch is regarded by some to be the leader in UFO news.

Editor Debbie Sklar, whose background includes writing for the National Enquirer and Star, apparently takes these mysterious flying objects seriously. (Note: She took references to those publications out after I posted this. Here’s a cached version of her bio.) I’ve asked her about the many UFO stories on Laguna Niguel Patch and will post her response if it comes in. In the meantime, enjoy these UFO stories from the site:

* July 9, 2012: What was that strange sky message over Dana Point?
* April 15, 2012: Could UFOs and city’s early beginnings be linked?
* April 3, 2012: UFOs over Laguna Niguel: Part 1 with top UFO researcher
* March 29, 2012: Poll results: Readers endorse UFOs
* March 19, 2012: UFO spotted hovering over Laguna Niguel?
* March 8, 2012: UFO sighting in Laguna Niguel, Part 2: Bogus?