Fired U-T San Diego sports columnist Tim Sullivan lands in Louisville

Sports columnist Tim Sullivan, who was fired by U-T San Diego in early June, has been hired by the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Tim Sullivan

“I think there’s a useful message in my experience — that the unknown is not quite as fearful as we might imagine,” he tells Ed Sherman.

Being unemployed for the first time was initially unsettling — I barely slept the first week and lost seven pounds — but it turned out to be the most gratifying experience of my career. The response from friends, colleagues and ordinary readers was overwhelming and the job opportunities proved much more plentiful than I thought possible at age 57.

Sullivan adds that “both my appetite and lost weight returned (and then some)” after he realized the job situation wasn’t as bleak as he first thought.

“Tim is one of the top sports columnists in the entire country,” says Courier-Journal executive editor Bennie Ivory, who lost two sports columnists about the time that Sullivan was fired in San Diego. “I think he will bring a strong new voice to The Courier-Journal. He also brings a strong familiarity of Louisville and the region and knows what’s important here.” (Sullivan lived in Northern Kentucky when he worked at the Cincinnati Enquirer and has covered the Kentucky Derby 18 times, the C-J notes.)

Sullivan joins the Gannett paper in August.

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