Dave Barry gets busy

Dave Barry, who ended his regular Miami Herald column in 2005, tells Rob Tornoe he’ll be writing a number of columns for the paper in upcoming weeks.

In addition to my annual gift guide and year in review, which I do every year, I’ll be writing daily pieces from the Olympics for The Miami Herald that will get syndicated throughout McClatchy. Then I’ll be attending both political conventions and writing daily from there, and they’ll all be picked up in a number of newspapers. I don’t know how many, but I imagine it is a decent amount. Otherwise, they’re playing an elaborate prank on me.

Barry also says in the Q-and-A:
* [Regarding his Ernie Pyle Achievement Award:] “I’m trying to think if I’ve ever really achieved anything and can’t say that I have. I suppose that’s an achievement in itself.”
* “On my blog, the commenter community is filled with really funny people who post interesting stuff and are great at self-policing.”
* “[Back when he was first hired] newspapers could take a chance on someone like me. They were more fearless back in those days. The idea of someone canceling their subscription was kind of a joke. Now they’re terrified of doing anything that might offend readers and fall outside their marketing plan.”

* Dave Barry on winning the NSNC Lifetime Achievement Award (E&P)