Evening report

* Los Angeles Times accuses L.A. Memorial Coliseum Commission of violating open meetings law. (latimes.com)
* “Marketplace” DC bureau chief John Dimsdale and other American Public Media employees get pink slips. (Current Blog)
* Chatting with Mad Magazine editor John Ficarra at Comic-Con. (Blogcritics.org)
* Ex-LAT TV critic Howard Rosenberg: “If I ranted to my students they’d rebel and throw their iPhones at me.” (NewspaperAlum.com)
* Washington Post’s Scott Patton – known for nurturing young writers and his sardonic wit — dies at 57. (Washington Post)
* Times-Picayune editor hesitates, then sighs when asked if he expected the reaction to his paper’s digital plans. (AJR.org)
* St. Louis media outlets have a problem spelling Zach Galifiankis. (Riverfront Times)
* Worcester Telegram & Gazette says farewell to a ‚Äúdark, dirty and poorly lit newsroom.” (Telegram.com)
* Tampa Tribune sale “probable” but no timeline given. (Tampa Tribune)
* Are celebrities deciding it’s too risky to be on Twitter? (New York Times)
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