Tribune bankruptcy reporter leaves Chicago

Michael Oneal

Michael Oneal, who has covered Tribune’s bankruptcy from the start (2008), is leaving Chicago before his employer wraps up the case. Robert Feder reports Oneal’s wife, Anne Fiorito, an Adobe Systems marketing manager, has been promoted to the San Francisco office and Oneal is moving with her. The newsman, who has been asked to cover the case from California, says of his years covering his employer’s bankruptcy:

The editors clearly paid close attention to what I was writing, but to their credit, I’ve never been interfered with. That says a lot about the ethical standards of the organization. …

I feel like I ought to be given an honorary degree in bankruptcy law. I had no idea about any of this until I started. Had I understood then what I know now, I would have known that once a case gets to a certain point of litigiousness, it’s down the rabbit hole.

Feder reports Oneal’s future with the Tribune “is unknown” once the bankruptcy story ends. I’ve asked Oneal if he can tell us more about that.

* Tribune bankruptcy outlasts reporter’s time in Chicago (