Times-Picayune editors meet with reporter who said she was ‘pissed’

Earlier this month, Times-Picayune reporter Kari Dequine Harden told Romenesko readers that “I desperately want my job until October because I love it. But I also can’t just keep my mouth shut and pretend everything is okay, or that it doesn’t matter.” She gave me permission to post the email that she sent to the newspaper’s top brass on July 8 (One line: “I can tell you that everyone hates our website and is losing respect for us as a hard news leader”).

Dequine Harden sends this update:

I met with Jim Amoss and Lynn Cunningham this morning. They reached out to me following my July 8 email and wanted to talk to me in person about my concerns.

They spent much of the 30 minutes listening to me (more calmly and without expletives) detail my issues with our website and concerns about losing readers. They were very receptive, and indicated that the website is something that will undergo changes.

I appreciated the opportunity to explain myself from a place of less rage. They also confirmed that I am being given the option to stay on in my same role as a weekend reporter until Sept. 30.

–Kari Dequine

* Earlier: “I can’t keep my mouth shut and pretend everything is okay” (JimRomenesko.com)