The Writer magazine is on the block

Milwaukee-based Kalmbach Publishing is looking for someone to buy The Writer magazine, which goes on hiatus after the October 2012 issue rolls off Kalmbach’s presses.

“Our hope is that The Writer will re-emerge under the careful stewardship of a new owner,” says a letter to contributors.

The Writer was founded 125 years ago and, notes Media Industry Newsletter, has “hosted some of the most illustrious talents and bestselling authors in American letters: Somerset Maugham, Ray Bradbury, Sinclair Lewis, John Updike, Joyce Carol Oates and Stephen King, among them.”

Read the full letter after the jump.

Dear contributor,

I’m sorry to announce that The Writer magazine will go on hiatus after the October 2012 issue, which is in production now. Kalmbach Publishing Co., which owns The Writer, is currently looking for a buyer for the magazine, and our hope is that The Writer will re-emerge under the careful stewardship of a new owner.

We deeply appreciate the fine work of all our contributors over the years, writers and illustrators who have helped us maintain the high editorial standards first set by founders William H. Hills and Robert Luce in 1887 and continued for so many years by Sylvia and A.S. Burack.

Please note:

Selected queries and submissions from recent months will be saved and forwarded to a new owner (or destroyed if no buyer is forthcoming). Other queries dated March 1, 2012, or later will receive a rejection notice in the coming days. Queries dated prior to March 1, 2012, should be considered rejected. All queries and submissions are free to be pitched elsewhere.

Outstanding contracts and payments are in process now. If you have concerns about payments owed, please contact me after Aug. 6 at

Jeff Reich