AP: We’ll have fewer people at the conventions this year, but…

An Associated Press employee sent this email: “AP is sending fewer than 10 print reporters and editors to the Democratic and Republican conventions this year, a dramatic reduction from previous years.” The staffing from earlier conventions? “Don’t have exact number. Say +/- 20 print reporters and editors in previous years.”

I passed this by AP spokesman Paul Colford. He says the tipster’s claim refers “only to national reporters without taking into account locally based staffers, campaign-bus staffers, video journalists etc.”

Colford adds:

We will have fewer people than last time, yes. We expect to bring more than 30 staffers across all platforms to each convention while still providing convention coverage as strong as we’ve delivered from the campaign trail this season.

Here’s a comment from AP Senior Managing Editor for U.S. News Mike Oreskes:

“The conventions are set-piece events and we have planned the staffing carefully to provide considerable coverage without wasting time and talent that can be better applied to other parts of the campaign (where by the way we have been very strong).”