Stephen Bloom is returning to the University of Iowa

Stephen Bloom

University of Iowa journalism professor Stephen Bloom was doing a visiting prof stint in Michigan nine months ago when he angered Iowans with his Atlantic essay about their state. After getting threatening phone calls and hate mail, Bloom told Romenesko readers last December that he felt the need to hide in “an undisclosed location.”

Several weeks later, The Chronicle of Higher Education asked: “Will Iowa welcome him back next fall, and will Mr. Bloom be comfortable returning?” The professor’s response: “Yeah, get used to it. I will be back.”

Classes at the University of Iowa start in 10 days and, according to the school, Bloom will be back. “Yes, have not heard otherwise,” journalism school director David D. Perlmutter writes in an email. (The university’s media relations director says the same thing in a phone call.)

Bloom apparently doesn’t want to discuss his return to Iowa and the university; he didn’t respond to two emails sent earlier this week. (Steve: if you didn’t see my emails, I’ll be happy to add any comment from you to this post.)

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