Reporter resigns after posting Chick-fil-A rant on Facebook

The Florida reporter who wrote on his Facebook page that “the level of hatred, unfounded fear and misinformed people [who showed up at Chick-fil-A on “Appreciation Day”] was astoundingly sad” has resigned from his paper, I’ve confirmed.

After his post was shared nearly 100 times, Fort Myers News-Press reporter Mark Krzos pulled the rant and left Facebook. His editor, Terry Eberle, told News-Press and Romenesko readers that the post was “completely inappropriate” and that “we will take strong and appropriate action.”

Krzos resigned after a meeting with Eberle.

Mark, I welcome comment from you. News-Press staffers, please send me any additional information about your colleague’s departure.

* Krzos on Aug. 1: “I have never felt so alien in my own country” (