Report: U.S. journalist Austin Tice in Syrian custody

Georgetown Law student Austin Tice, 31, who has been freelancing from Syria for the Washington Post, McClatchy and other news outlets, was reportedly captured and is being held by the Syrian government.

Austin Tice

“If the reports are true, we urge these authorities to release him promptly, unharmed,” says Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli. “Journalists should never be detained for doing their work, even — and especially — in difficult circumstances.”

Tice, who went silent after tweeting on August 11, write last month that “no, I don’t have a death wish — I have a life wish.”

McClatchy’s Hannah Allam writes:

Tice was keenly aware of the dangers he faced, he wrote in a posting on his Facebook page, but he implored his friends and family to “please quit telling me to be safe.” He wrote that he drew inspiration from Syrians in the throes of conflict, and that “coming here to Syria is the greatest thing I’ve ever done.”

Meanwhile, Georgetown alum Matthew VanDyke says he’s going to Syria in a few weeks to work on a documentary film. “Syria’s the next step in the Arab Spring movement, the next regime that needs to go,” he says. “This is the best way I can help.”

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