Bob Greene was fired from Chicago Tribune 10 years ago this week

Ten years ago this week, Bob Greene was fired from the Chicago Tribune by then-editor Ann Marie Lipinski for having what she called an inappropriate relationship with a woman who interviewed him for her school newspaper. (She was an adult when the two eventually paired up.)

Greene, 65, now a contributor, tells Robert Feder:

I continue to enjoy looking for stories, and trying to do the best job I can reporting and writing them. I treasure the 31 years of writing columns for Chicago newspapers, and miss the old friends and colleagues who are no longer with us.

The Tribune’s Eric Zorn says of Greene:

The one book he hasn’t written — either doesn’t want to write or is perhaps incapable of writing — is a brutally candid account of his phenomenal rise, long cruise at altitude, devastating crash and painful period of recovery (tragically, his wife died of a respiratory illness four months after he left the Tribune).

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Here’s some how-to-get-ahead-in-journalism tips that Greene gave to college freshman Jim Romenesko: