Wall Street Journal’s front page ignored 9/11 anniversary, too

FoxNews.com scolds the New York Times for not putting a 9/11 anniversary story on page one, but one of my Facebook friends points out that the “snarky Fox News story failed to mention that Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal also ignored 9/11.” (Its front page is on the right, with only a Citi.com ad mentioning the anniversary.)

FoxNews.com’s Perry Chiaramonte turned to Times-hater Brent Bozell for comment: “It’s disgraceful on two levels,” the Media Research Center president said. “First, as a national issue, this being the single deadliest attack on America since Pearl Harbor. And, secondly, as a local issue. This is, after all, The New York Times, not the Honolulu Times.”

* For New York Times, 9/11 anniversary not fit for front page (foxnews.com)