David Carr on tweeting, his lawn/weed problem, and his clout (plus more links)

New York Times media writer David Carr talks to the Globe and Mail’s Simon Houpt. A few quotes from Carr:
— “If my name was David Schmeckler and not David ‘New York Times,’ I don’t think people would care all that much what I had to say. …When you work for the Times, you should never get confused about why an event sells out, or why people race to pick up your phone calls.”

David Carr

— “The fact that I’ve tweeted or retweeted 20,000 times – that’s a source of shame to me. I mean, what did I tweet last night? …I think the person who actually originally talked me into tweeting was Kurt Andersen, and he said: It’s like, you’re working on something and you need a break, and wanna’ have a cigarette and you do a tweet instead.”
— “I don’t want to be seen as some gossamer creature of Manhattan media life – because I’m not. I’m really worried about my lawn, there’s a big weed problem right now.”
Houpt: A few months ago there was a blog post which suggested you’re the ultimate insider who, as this writer had it, may have lost a sense of true north. Carr: “I think it was CJR – ‘The two David Carrs’? That thing? Yeah, it was one of those moments: Was it worse that they said it, or worse that part of it was true? The case-building that went with it – the one thing in it that got me going was, the writer said I didn’t even try to find out if Huffington Post made money and that’s a dead-wrong assumption.”
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