Talent exchange at the Washington Post

Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli today announced “a talent exchange with our cousins at WaPo Labs” that “should accelerate the pace of digital innovation in the Newsroom and add editorial weight to the team at Labs.”

* Sandy Sugawara, founding editor of the Universal News Desk, becomes managing editor of WaPo Labs.
* Greg Barber, who has been WaPo Labs managing editor, joins the newsroom as editor/digital special projects.

The memo is after the jump.

From: Marcus Brauchli
Date: September 19, 2012 3:01:57 PM EDT
To: NEWS – All Newsroom
Subject: Sandy Sugawara, Vijay Ravindran


We’re delighted to announce a talent exchange with our cousins at WaPo Labs
that will enable us to expand our relationship there in a way that should
accelerate the pace of digital innovation in the Newsroom and add editorial
weight to the team at Labs.

Sandy Sugawara, a key architect of the Universal News Desk and its founding
editor, will become managing editor of WaPo Labs, reporting to Vijay
Ravindran. A former business editor, foreign correspondent and reporter for
The Post, Sandy is a smart, hard-charging journalist with a powerful
entrepreneurial streak. She will bring her knowledge of our news operations
and the full range of our content and capabilities to her new role working
alongside the innovators and engineers at WaPo Labs as they develop
pioneering new digital products.

Greg Barber, who has been managing editor at WaPo Labs, will join the
Newsroom in a new role, as Editor/Digital Special Projects. In that
capacity, he’ll report to John Temple and work closely with newsroom
departments and other senior digital editors as we develop new digital
products and approaches. He’s an accomplished print and digital editor.
After starting his career at PBS NewsHour, Greg was a founding member of
Express. While at Express he led the product development with WaPo Labs of
DC Rider, one of the Post Company’s most successful mobile apps. He joined
WaPo Labs as its founding Managing Editor, developing the editorial
function for Trove, Social Reader, and several other Labs products,
building a team from scratch, and playing a vital liaison role with the
newsrooms of the various media organizations within the Post Company.

Both the Newsroom and WaPo Labs will benefit enormously from this exchange.
The Newsroom is delighted to welcome Greg and WaPo Labs Sandy, knowing both
will continue to build on the strong relationships they’ve developed in the
years they’ve spent here.

Marcus Vijay John Liz Shirley