Pop culture writer finds a 1964 photo of Romney and his mom

Mitt and his mom in 1964. (John McBride/SF Chronicle)

San Francisco Chronicle pop culture critic Peter Hartlaub tells Romenesko readers:

I run a weekly reader request archive series called Let’s Go to the Morgue!, where I dig through the San Francisco Chronicle archives looking for cool old stuff. One of the regulars told me Mitt Romney was on the floor with his dad at the 1964 GOP Convention at the Cow Palace near San Francisco.

Took me several hours looking at photos through a Loupe, but finally found him.

I asked Hartlaub about the morgue series and some of his other finds. He wrote back:

Readers make requests, and usually vote on Fridays for the next week’s gallery. I’ve done everything from Richard Nixon riding BART to The Fashion of Rick Barry to then and now photos of pioneering local newscasters.

I also have a spin-off called Let’s Go to the Q&A where I track down people in the old photos and interview them now — with a current photo.

Here’s one from yesterday where I interviewed a baseball fan in a Joe DiMaggio photo from 1954.

* Let’s Go to the Morgue! (sfgate.com) || Let’s Go to the Q&A! (sfgate.com)