[UPDATED] Tipster: ‘Plagiarism had almost made it to the final print’ of Chris Anderson’s new book

UPDATE: Crown Publishing Group marketing and publicity director Tara Delaney Gilbride sends this email:

The information you posted about Chris Anderson’s book MAKERS is based upon an advance, uncorrected proof of his book that is not intended for publication and is labeled as such on the cover. Any insinuation of plagiarism is entirely baseless and without merit.

Advance Galleys frequently do not include full footnotes, credits and other material that are included in the finished book. In fact, Chris made any number of revisions, deletions and additions to the book before it was published. Had he decided to keep the adaptation of the article from WIRED by Erin Biba, it would have been fully attributed to her. In the end he decided it flowed better without the adaptation and removed it.


A tipster who received a review copy of Wired editor Chris Anderson’s “Makers” – to be published October 2 by Random House Business — tells Romenesko readers:

In the reviewer’s copy of Makers, half of the final chapter called DIY Biology was plagiarized from an article by Erin Biba, called “Genome at Home: Biohackers Build Their Own Labs” published in the September 2011 issue of Wired.

The cribbed article was subsequently removed in the published version of the book, and the chapter was reduced to seven pages, half of what it had been. Its near inclusion suggests that the plagiarism had almost made it to the final print.

I’ve asked Anderson about his use of Biba’s story in the book, but haven’t heard back. My first email was sent at 11:23 a.m. CT. I sent a second email and also left a phone message; still, no response. (UPDATE: Wired’s spokesman says Anderson is out of the country and hard to reach.) I also sent Biba an email this morning and a follow-up tweet this afternoon, but haven’t heard from her.

Reviewers’ copy of Makers:

The above passage was taken from Biba’s Wired story below:

More examples are after the jump.

Compare Anderson’s copy to Biba’s story:

Another portion of “Makers” that was lifted from Biba’s story:

My tipster sent five more pages that were pulled from the final print. They also included passages from Biba’s article.