Michael Wilbon vs. Dan Steinberg


* The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg wrote Wednesday: “I’ll never understand why [Michael Wilbon] seems to go out of his way to antagonize the [Washington D.C.] fans and readers who helped turn him into a national star.”

Steinberg (left) and Wilbon

* Later that evening, Wilbon wrote on Facebook that Steinberg and ESPN’s Bran Weinstein “felt the need to whine like a little babies because I didn’t speak a company line [in ESPN The Magazine’s D.C. issue] that agrees with their hypersensitive feelings.”

* Steinberg fired back on Thursday, saying that Wilbon softened his criticism of D.C. as a sports town. “Wilbon chose to cover up his embarrassment at so quickly retreating from the “terrible” description by taking repeated shots at Bram Weinstein and me, which is cool. I get it. Changing the subject is a perfectly appropriate way to divert attention, and one I’ve frequently used.”

* Wilbon then wrote this message to Steinberg on Facebook last night: “Anytime, anyplace you want to post and compare resumes or career highlights I’m more than happy to engage. Until then, I’ll form my own opinions, popular or not, without seeking your permission.”

* He followed with: “I realize I got too angry in my response to what I feel is a personal attack on me…and absolutely went too far in criticizing Dan Steinberg.”