[UPDATED] Peter Boyer leaves Newsweek for Fox News

UPDATE: Fox News has has put out a press release announcing Peter Boyer’s hiring. Roger Ailes, who recruited the writer, says: “I have followed Peter’s work throughout his storied career. He’s a talented and insightful journalist who will add weight and depth to our investigative reporting.”


In January of 2011, Peter Boyer wrote a New Yorker piece about the upstate New York newspaper that Roger Ailes and his wife own. The Fox News chief cooperated with Boyer, and the journalist wrote a truly “fair and balanced” piece about publisher Ailes. Their newspaper — the Putnam County News and Recorder — “is a manifest improvement over its previous version, in both style and substance,” wrote Boyer. He also noted that Roger and Beth Ailes “give generously to Our Lady of Loretto Church …and to several other local causes, public and private.”

Ailes apparently liked the piece.

Today it’s reported by Mike Allen that Boyer — who left the New Yorker to join Newsweek and the Daily Beast in February, 2011 — is joining Fox News as editor at large.