Why Sally Jenkins hasn’t written about Lance Armstrong lately

Earlier this morning I asked the Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins when she plans to write about Lance Armstrong — her last column on him was published in August — and if she wanted to comment on Glenn Nelson’s piece, “Should Lance Armstrong’s downfall sully Sally Jenkins?”

Jenkins sent this email:

I haven’t read what you’ve written, but then I haven’t read much of anything. I’ve been away from the Washington Post working on a book project — Pat Summitt’s memoir — and haven’t had time to read the full report. I did read George Hincapie’s affidavit, which I assume is truthful. When I’ve had time to look at all of it and think about it, I will, but the book is due November 15 and it’s my first priority, not Lance.

In the meantime I can tell you that while my thoughts are complicated Lance remains a friend of mine, and my personal opinion of him was never based on what he did or didn’t do while riding a bike up an Alp. I like the guy.

If my editors ask me to write when I come back from the book project, I will discuss it with them. Until then my thoughts remain my own. As for my reputation, if I can wind up with a rep for being a good friend and an independent thinker, I’d like that.

Best, Sally

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