[UPDATED] Bozeman Daily Chronicle sports editor fired over message board posts

“Well Twitter, my disdain for corporate America and my respect for the public’s right to know has gotten me terminated,” former Bozeman Daily Chronicle sports editor Colter Nuanez tweeted this afternoon. “No more Chronicle.”

Colter Nuanez

He elaborated this morning on the Bobcat Nation message board: “Well people, this place finally came back around to bite me in the butt. Because of my comments and opinions expressed on this website, I have been terminated effective immediately.

“Thanks for the ride, albeit a short one. Thanks for never holding punches, holding me accountable, ripping me when needed and making me better. This is part of my core audience here and I’m sad I won’t get to share my passion with you anymore.”

It appears it was this post from yesterday that got him in trouble with the Chronicle bosses:

In newspapers, we are struggling. Bad. You all might not like the decline in coverage, but if it were up to ANY of the sports writers and editors in this state, we would cover EVERY SINGLE THING HAVING TO DO WITH MONTANA to the best of our ability. The problem is, we are all so freakin short staffed, it’s not possible whatsoever. The IR couldn’t cover the Cats and the Griz if they wanted to. They don’t have the resources.

At the Chronicle, we are getting by because I’m on salary and I refuse to let our product slip (even though it has despite my efforts in both size and scope). It’s a rare occasion that I’m awake and not doing something related to the Chron. We are also at a disadvantage statewide because the IR, Missoulian and Gazette are all owned by Lee, so they can share content. The Missoulian has a six-person staff, the Gazette is working with seven staffers. The IR has four full-timers. That’s 17 people to cover different areas of the state and share content. We have two full-timers — Myself and Gidal.

The Tribune is down to three full-time and one part-time guy.

The point is, it’s fine to be dissatisfied with the coverage of your local paper and we always love feedback.

UPDATE: Publisher Stephanie Pressly writes: “Colter was not terminated for the post you have up.

Stephanie Pressly

“That post continued on with two more sentences that contained very disparaging comments, including expletives, about our corporate management. Another post contained the same sentiments, a different expletive, and disclosed our paper’s profit number, albeit an incorrect one. Colter edited these posts yesterday afternoon but you may be able to find the originals out there somewhere.”

“Colter was terminated for violating company policies.”

This is one line from Nuanez that she’s apparently referring to: “But you must understand that we are all handcuffed by money-hungry corporate f***ks who want to run newspapers as a business rather than an essential part to maintaining a free-flowing democracy.”