Chris Anderson resigns as Wired editor-in-chief

Chris Anderson is leaving Wired after 11 years as editor-in-chief to run his robotics company, 3D Robotics. He says in a statement: “This is an opportunity for me to pursue an entrepreneurial dream. I’m confident that Wired’s mission to influence and chronicle the digital revolution is stronger than ever and will continue to expand and evolve.”

Chris Anderson

Venturebeat’s Dylan Tweney reports on Anderson’s company:

3D Robotics has a Facebook page, Twitter account, and domain name (, but currently no website. Currently, that URL redirects to DIY Drones, another company Anderson founded, which sells kits and parts for people making their own unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — robotic aircraft, essentially. It appears that 3D Robotics is an outgrowth of that company.

Six weeks ago, a Romenesko reader noticed that review copies of Anderson’s latest book had lifted from Erin Biba’s Wired story. Anderson never responded to my inquiries about this, but his publisher said “any insinuation of plagiarism is entirely baseless and without merit.”

* Chris Anderson leaves Wired to run his robotics company (