Morning report

— Cover of the day

* The election night Rove/Kelly meltdown on Fox News was not spontaneous, says Peter Ames Carlin. (
* About 66.8 million TV viewers watched election results on one of 13 networks. (
* Adweek’s Charlie Warzel covers BuzzFeed’s first election night. (
* Rupert Murdoch tweets about the “amusing fuss over NYT public editor.” (@rupertmurdoch)
* NYT public editor Margaret Sullivan: “I always thought the role of public editor would suit me.” (
* Concord Monitor runs “a terrific cartoon” it had ready to go if a new governor and House speaker were elected. (
* Watch Nate Silver on last night’s “Daily Show.” (
* “From the start, the New York Times was reluctant to challenge Brooklyn’s new arena.” (
* James Poniewozik explains why TV still matters in politics. (
* Aaron Rodgers is disappointed with the “60 Minutes” piece on him. (
* Meet the people whose voices you heard in this year’s political ads. (
* New York Times Wine Talk columnist Frank J. Prial is dead at 82. (
* Washington Post’s ombud lets us know that readers hate front-page ad stickers. (