Afternoon report: A Friday edition dies, Brauchli sends signals, and a police flack gets testy

University of Wisconsin’s Badger Herald is killing the Friday print edition, but “we still consider ourselves a daily newspaper,” says editor-in-chief Ryan Rainey.

It’s definitely not indicative of any major problems that we have. We’re just responding to changes in [advertiser] behavior and seeing what we can do to adjust to that so that in the next several years as things continue to change we’re not surprised by what advertisers decide to do or how the publication model works. (

* Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli “has signaled to some people that he expects to be out by the end of the year.” (
* Recalling Nate Silver’s Burrito Bracket days in Chicago’s Wicker Park. (
* A SUNY Oswego journalism student is suspended over emails to hockey coaches. (He told them that “what you say about [the story subject] does not have to be positive.”) (
* County commission wants the Memphis Commercial Appeal to release information about commenters. (
* Impatient nation: Online viewers leave if a video doesn’t play in 2 seconds. (
* Ken Paulson: In today’s media world, newspapers should be allowed to own TV and radio stations in their markets. (
* Having a bad day, sir? Aurora police spokesperson “refused to give us any information regarding this incident and told 7News to never call again.” (